the thursday crazies

Lately it has occurred to me, while watching my sweet brother start his new tiny family, how much easier it is to “do” this whole thing with those you love in close proximity.  Stopping in for supper, heading off to the market alone, date nights, overnights, holidays, birthdays, you know the reg…. these things are better done in packs. Packs of those you love and know and have files and files of stored up memories of similar events together.

I keep thinking back to the last four years, the last four moves (the last four states!) and I think about how different this adventure looked without the comfort of my own by my side.

I was once told a story about a mama I admire oh so much, a mama of four children, the oldest being approximately my age, and how she too spent her first few years in motherhood far from the reaches of her own mother and father.  My friend told me, her mama said those were some of the best times.  At the moment I laughed and brushed the comment off.  But, a few years later, the words have stuck with me.

I understand this now.  Though its sad to see the pages on the calendar flip by, or to sob in the doorway with each goodbye, there is one thing I am not thinking about.

Things are hard, you miss your mama, and then times passes, and you join a knitting group.  Or, you start one (woot! woot!  Rustic Knitters!), and you meet some ladies.  And they are your life blood.  Oh my goodness yes.  They are every dose of medicine you could ever need rolled into one evening of laughter and commiseration and wine and french fries and fiber and tears and life and life and life.  Have I told the Lacey’s, Liz’s, Tabatha’s, Danielle’s, Sarah’s, Jess’s, Caitlyn’s, Kerry’s, Beth’s, Laurie’s, Lauren’s, Rebecca’s, and Sheri’s of my life they filled a void for me that I can never repay?  And thank you?  Because Thank you.  Thank you!

Even now, only three hours away, my thursday night knitting crew (we sound badass don’t we?) is all I need to get by.  When these two have the crazies and they are passing them onto me, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and exhale… my mantra…

IMG_5548 IMG_5550 IMG_5560


And I say this with a smile on my face… cuz you know the crazies aren’t so bad when you get some time to breathe once in a while…. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!!