all in a days work

Being home with my boys, and following a very lenient and forgiving schedule, has given me the gift of freedom.  So much freedom.  I think that’s what I like best about our days.  The freedom of choice, the freedom to say yes, the freedom to change our minds.  Any time the mood strikes us, we can play a board game or watch a movie or go to the dog park or romp in the forest.

When a baby is born, we can sew for them.


(a silky sling and some peace sign shoes reminiscent to the ones miles wore in his first days on earth)

When we want to build fairy houses we do.  And when the mosquitoes get to be too much we bring the fairy house home.


When we feel like eating biscuits we bake.


If nap doesn’t work out, it is not devastating.  If the boys sleep until 8:30, I don’t have to wake them up.  There is lots to do, lots to be done, but there is also time for doing nothing.  Or finding something in the nothing.

 I know that there are benefits to having a day that is filled with activity and I know that often there is no choice.  And though at times, recent times at that, I have written in this very space hinting at feelings of being a captive slave to it all, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Right now I am bathing in the glory of the freedom of being home.