pajamas till noon and bread #13 Teethers

Today I declared under no circumstances shall we leave the house.  With this being said, I must admit, it was quite lovely.  Much less stressful than packing a picnic and snacks, diapers, changes of clothes, drinks, froggy potty, books, sunscreen, and who knows what else then rushing off for the day to drive forty minutes to and forty minutes back.  Much much less stressful.  While I love an outing, we have too many of the late I believe.

So, with this new-found freedom of doing absolutely nothing, I opted to stay in my comfies, and keep my boys in the same state.  Just this alone allowed for a peaceful morning.  Rowan napped in his crib without a peep (miracle) while Miles and I painted an ocean mural.  We used a meat tenderizer, a cork on a skewer, paintbrushes and a chain to make our scenery.  Miles completed the masterpiece with a lovely sunny yellow jig.  Perfection.

I made not one, but two breads (bagel recipe to come later this weekend).  All you do for these teethers is use any dough you enjoy (I used the bagel dough but a sourdough, italian, focaccia, or any other sturdy dough would work as well) roll it out, slice them up, squirt it down with olive oil, sprinkle with seeds or some other topping, and bake at 325 for an hour or so.  Teething children and puppies alike will find it quite satisfying I assure you.

My favorite part of this lazy day was spying on Miles and Rowan while they “baked”.  Miles announced several times, “We have to make muffins, popovers, bread, and pie because it is the right thing to do.  Okay Rowan?  It is the right thing to do.”

Oh my.  Little squishy brains mixing up important life lessons.  (My constant phrase, “Miles make the right choice… what is the right thing to do here?” vs.  My baking obsession which could easily be confused as an important life lesson I am sure)

It was refreshing, needed, and joyful to just lounge with my boys today.  Why I might just have to do this more often.  Hear! Hear!

Woah.  That’s a lot of chins.  Definitely got those from Lee.  (insert coy smile)