around here

Perhaps it is my renewed belief that we will indeed leave this area at some point in the future, or perhaps it is that the sweltering heat is slowly dissipating, but either way, mother nature has been putting on quite the show as of late.

Yesterday, the littlest men in my life and I were denied our afternoon nap due to incessant coughs and opted for a little picnic snack.  We ended up experiencing a storm rolling in.  And quite the storm it was.  Far off in the distance we heard the constant drumming up in an ominous sky.  We could see the direction it was heading, it seemed to be encircling us.  Insects and birds were traveling to their havens in a hurry.  The love bugs happened to be confused and seemed to form a mass hovering right over our blanket like stars.  The air was cool, the breeze was growing stronger and the sky was in disagreement with one half darkening and the other just as sunny and blue as before.

Each day we greet some form of wonder in the world around.  These parts seem to have a bit of that.  Be it the soggy bogs or the stretching marshes, the calm sea or the silky sand, there is always something to see.

I wonder what the day will bring?