rain, a welcome sound

A few days swimming in the fresh water…

IMG_1996 IMG_1959 IMG_1952 IMG_1948 IMG_1942


and a rainy day is welcome.

I declare today a prepare for baby sort of day.  Washing clothes, home birth supply pick up, car seat ordering (oh to fit three car seats in the outback is truly a game of tetris), and knitting.  Of course the knitting!  I don’t intend on making too many items for this summer babe, but of course can’t help but want to have the staples regardless of the rising temperatures.


So much to do.  But really, the third time around my list has dwindled.  Both the want for all the gear and the need to go get it.  I own the slings and wraps, my diaper stash is full, and clothes… well a summer babe hardly needs them, but even those are here and only in need of a quick wash.  I still have that ticking feeling in the back of my head that something has to be done!  But what?  I really don’t know.

Oh Rain, you’re a welcome sound.