For the sake of my memory

Oh yes, I struggle with parenting my almost three-year old.  Daily.  He has quite the mind of his own, which I am proud of despite the difficulties that go along with that!  He knows just what buttons to press to push me right off the deep end, but hey that is an observant little boy right?

But truth is, I love every little quirk about this fellow.  He is so loving its unbelievable, he is hilarious and so smart, he is kind and so very much fun to be around.  I can’t believe how big he is drawing circles and reciting the tale of the three billy goats gruff and what not.  He puts his dishes in the dishwasher!  He greets the hen’s with a “Good morning ladies!  What did you dream about?”.

These milestones never occurred to me as being something to mark, but so far? to date they are my favorite.

So as a little keepsake I decided to just list out some of his favorites these days.

A surprising folk-y little lady, but of course the subject matter of swimming must help. Laura Marling -Alas I Cannot Swim-

Ah my mama will be so proud.  Stevie Wonder Sir Duke

I use to love this song.  At the ripe age of two my little man already has the ability to drive his parents mad listening to a song over and over again.  This one is a constant.  The Lumineers Hey Ho  (I should add he even loves to watch this video.  Each time it ends he grins from ear to ear and says with a laugh, “They were havin’ fun.”

“Mommy. Sing you are my shunshine.”, is a daily fare at nap time.  This is a kid song from a tolerable kid singer (some of them can be just plain old weird don’t you think?) Of course the original intent for this song is very sad, I just try to not think of that.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s You are my sunshine.

And last but not least, my boys go nuts with a little old school punk (with a good message!) Operation Ivy Healthy Body

And for the books.  Miles doesn’t typically hold one title over another.  He really does love them all.   He is a “reading” machine.  Don’t little kids have the coolest memories?  They are so incredibly sharp.  He can recite word for word several dozen books.  It is fun to have him read to me.  So, for lack of knowledge of the true favorites for the moment, I will just list five that he is really into at the moment.

1. Helicopters

2. Little Bear’s Friend

3. Splat the Cat

4. I Lost my Tooth in Africa

5. And of Course, even in the heat of July, How the Grinch stole christmas

the therapeutic post

See mariah?  Two- year olds really are sweet.

To make a lingering reminder in my head permanent, I have decided to attempt a list of the good things about two-year olds, particularly mine. (Not that things have been challenging around here….just saying)

  • They are undoubtedly forgiving even seconds after an indecent has occurred.  They never ever dwell.
  • My little man has a sense of humor like no other.  He is always, “just kidding mama”.
  • They love to dance in all locations.
  • They will always attempt to join in when singing.
  • They think you are beautiful.
  • They think you are handsome also, and mention it.
  • They have no inhibitions and act on exactly how they feel.  They never leave you guessing.
  • A walk outside is always fun for a two-year old no matter the weather.
  • They don’t care about clothes.
  • They don’t care about hair.
  • They don’t care about pretty much anything, they just want to have fun really.
  • Sleeping is no longer an issue.  Miles sleeps like a drunk man, there is no waking him and he actually smacks his lips every so often.
  • They love you unconditionally.
  • They always want to help.
  • They are willing to try to do most anything by themselves.
  • He misses me when I am gone.
  • He thinks my stories are interesting.
  • You never have to remind a two-year old to stop and smell the flowers.
  • The world is absolutely new to them and everything is fascinating.  Everything.

That is all I have for now.  Well, I will be honest I really need to shower, and I finally went to the wine store.  So, I am cutting this off short. Feel free to add any other motivating thoughts about two-year olds that you think of!  I know there are many more!