lesson learned. again.

This type of dish is something of a favorite in our home.  We gravitate towards the budget friendly and nutritious egg, weekly farmers market steals, and well, cheese.  I suppose you would call this a Quiche.  But it is for whatever reason that word is unappealing to some children (and adults).  So I just call them pies.

This one starts with potatoes.  You slice them thin on a japanese mandolin, or just with your knife is fine too.  Two of them will do.  Any variety.  Fry them lightly in a touch of olive oil on both sides.  Set them aside and repeat the process with a zucchini.  I slice the zucchini a bit thicker so that it keeps its texture.

 Meanwhile, mix together 1 stick of butter with about 2 cups of flour and 1 tbsp. sea salt until it forms a ball.  Chill it for 30 minutes.   When the dough is ready, roll it out on a lightly floured surface and place it in a pie dish.  Don’t worry if you have to patch it up.  No one will ever know.  Preheat your oven to 375.  Layer your potatoes on the bottom followed by the zucchini working in a circular manner.

Whip up three eggs with a bit of milk, 2 tbsp. freshly chopped fennel tops and some salt and pepper.  Dump the egg mixture into your pie.  Top with about 3 ounces of crumbled chevre (goat cheese).  Place in the oven for about thirty minutes, or until set.

When your masterpiece is complete put it atop a still hot burner until you smell burning.  

Take it off and put it on a damp towel in the sink to try to cool it down quick so it doesn’t burn too bad.  

No wait!  Don’t do those last two steps.  That is just what this genius did.  May I admit for the THIRD time in my life too.  Sigh.  

Well, luckily for smoothies and sweet potatos.

I was tempted to try to salvage the meal but I knew it was risky business.  Lesson: Water and hot glass do not go well together.  I must try harder to remember this.  Either that or stop cooking in glass.  I think it appears I will have to go with the latter.

When it was all said and done it did worked out for the best (just agree with me).  When saying an evening blessing for our meal what came out of my mouth was a realization of sorts.  That evening was one of the kind of nights where I could hear the kids playing nicely.  Lee and I were able to carry on a conversation while I was cooking, sipping on some cold beverages.  The house was not a complete wreck.  It was one of those sweet evenings I cherish.  While I admit, ruining our meal had a very instantaneous affect on my mood it was short lived, and I was able to see the silver lining.

Maybe the universe is telling me to remember to slow it down girl.  Enjoy yourself.  There is no end result (well with pie there really is, but that would throw my whole point off I suppose).

And finally, because this made me laugh.  hard.