eyes wide open

Things are so green, so big, and so dewy its hard to believe it hasn’t been like this forever.  I am holding on tight to the feeling of the sun shining on my shoulders because I know it wasnt long ago that the cold air was burning my cheeks.  I know that it wasn’t long ago I could hardly make it to the compost bin for the snow was so deep and heavy.  I know that I gasped at the sight of the first colts foot facing up to catch any rays of sun that may come her way.  Despite what my body is telling me, which sounds something like, “You are getting so slow and round and this weather is not conducive to a pregnant woman…”, I am refusing to do nothing.  Dipping my toes in the stream, leisurely picking weeds in my garden, stirring some (really, really good) yogurt made from the milk down the road, and taking morning walks with my boys, these are things I can do, even when the sweat is dripping down my neck.  Because really there is nothing going to bed at seven-thirty can’t fix.  At least for the time being.

“Daddy stay at home days”, or so they have been dubbed are pretty cherished around here.  Yesterday was an ad lib one as that guy STILL hadn’t met our dear midwife and it was about time.  So, we got him.  And it was wonderful.

IMG_1818 IMG_1815 IMG_1811 IMG_1809 IMG_1750 IMG_1806

All four (or six…) of us stand in awe of our surroundings at least everyday.  

My eyes are wide open.