i love chickens more than you do.

Ah out of the mouths of babes.  And not my own for that matter!  We were so content in the presence of a little lady and her loved ones this past weekend.  This girlie was quite smitten with our chickens and knowledgable to boot!  Ahhh.. the trip was so fine.  Mama got a night off from cooking.  Boys were in heaven with love in all directions.  We were showered with gifts and delicious food and good laughs and conversation and music and joy.

There once was a time when visitors produced a stress for me.  The thoughts of an impending change in my here and there induced a bit of anxiety.  But, somewhere along the line this fear faded away.  Perhaps it was when the beauty and loneliness of the country came into play, perhaps it just came with age (you know in a few short years I will be three decades old… which is when you become wise right?) or maybe just maybe I like having another hand in on parenting.  I know its wrong to put guests to work, but quite frankly its unavoidable.  Of course I do not ask that they entertain my outgoing children, but according to my boys entertain they must!  Either way it feels good to see this irrational fear go because these three were nothing but low-key easy-going soft-spoken beautiful friends.

Thanks for the visit y’all.  (Did that sound authentic?)

I only say so because tomorrow I will be saying, “yous’ guys” for I will be back in on the rock as some call it and it feels so good.  Despite the daunting trip, despite runny noses and bad backs, the outcome will be overwhelmingly sweet for that salty air is awaiting. Those overgrown grape viney woods are calling out to my boys.  We will be hollering “land ho” at the low tide in a matter of hours and I will have my most loving mama and daddy around to let me dive deep into the seven seas for some fun of my own.  Friendships up the coast.  I am one lucky gal.

See you soon New Englanders!  And thank you thank you southern friends for the lovely visit.

so much love

I can’t stop this lingering feeling that I have made a wrong turn in not staying in that tiny northern and very snowy town.  With every ray of sunshine, mosquito welt and grain of sand, I miss this lady and hers.  

Thanks for the lovely and oh so quick visit.  I miss you.  

Too many “see you soons…” this weekend for my liking.  But if nothing else,  the amount of love and positivity in and out my front door over the last few days is impossibly infectious.  I believe the sounds of laughter could be heard spilling out into the green green grass all weekend long.

And that is nothing to complain about now is it?