feeling loomy

Something out of nothing.  Yet another piece of goose bump inducing advice from a sweet little children’s book borrowed from that giant bookshelf in the city.  I find that every third week (when I decide the trek is necessary and of course…to avoid those late fees) we manage to randomly grab a few utterly fantastic books.  In between games of tag through the isles (absolutely love those…) and scrambling to keep track of a fast crawling baby we somehow have a glimmer of success.  This past trip was highlighted with Joseph had a little overcoat.  This beautifully illustrated story tells the tale of a tattered coats journey from jacket to button being recycled mended and loved the whole way through.

I often find bits and pieces around the house that make for a new-old toy.  Or even a better, a new-old project such as our little looms.  A few weeks back I attended a weaving class and I was finally able to test out my memory of the events through a little over under over under lesson with my Miles.  A stitch holder as a shuttle, cardboard and some yarn are all the tools needed to complete this creation.  I had a little box with a photo of the late and great Mr. Marley I gave a few snips to to create the loom.  Not much instruction is needed just a lot of side by side guidance and modeling.  After a few rows my little smarty managed to get the hang of it for the most part.  And what a pleasant surprise to hear, “Mama my going to weave now.”  Music to my ears.  Oh yes, it seems I have a little fiber artist in the making.

a weaving diorama…. see? something out of nothing! 

feeling loomy

a mama’s retreat

This past weekend I was alloted  a total of 6 whole child-less hours (minus a quick 15 minutes of meeting up to nurse).  While I feel somewhat apprehensive and a tinge of guilt about being so excited to have some time away, it was quite frankly very needed.  I felt refreshed and revived over just one small afternoon.  The boys had a glorious time minus the lady of the house too.  So it was a win win situation I suppose.

Weeks prior I had signed up for a “taste of…weaving” class given by the local fiber guild (which I most certainly intend to join at the soonest possible date).  With the only experience I  have ever had in weaving dates back to a single pot holder when I was eight, I just knew I would learn a thing or two at the very least.  Beyond learning to weave, on cardboard none the less, I was able to see the endless projects that can be completed with this art form.  There were several amazing looms set up, some being worked on, others vacant.  Some had small spiderweb fibers flowing through, others had bulky neon recycled fabric wound up inside.  All were beautiful and inspiring.

We made a tiny amulet (which took a whole lot longer than it looks let me tell you).  We made a lot of small talk as well.  Sigh…to have normal conversation, nothing to do with children… I took off my mama veil, enjoyed the wisdom that comes with years and years of crafting, and was very much content.  I had no worries that my boys were not in good hands.  That husband of mine has the patience of Job and was thrilled with the prospect of wandering the woods with his two little men for an afternoon.

Miles wears the amulet now, from time to time he puts in a “treasure”.  Most of the time it is a “treasure for daddy”.  

I try not to feel jealous… Oh, of course I don’t, he showers me with love all day.  In the future I can see a giant loom in a workshop where I am inching away at a giant rug.  Royal blues, shades of turquoise and starch whites…yes…I can see it now… little dirty footprints all over it too.