a royal hat

Every once in a while or so, a package to end all packages arrives at the post office marked in swirly colorful handwritten letters addressed to me.  (Which is a treat in itself, but the inside of this package really is the ultimate knitters paradise … oh my….)  The truth of how you cease to exist once you have children is not really so harsh, but it does make a gift meant for mama’s hands alone that much sweeter.  The contents of this surprise package never fails to inspire me.  Hand dyed, hand spun wool in vibrant purples and perfect ocean turquoises,  mossy greens, earthy browns and every shade in between, stitch markers, yarn bowls, soaps, patterns, chocolates… the list goes on.  This thoughtful friend of mine.  I have no words.  Check out her blog  http://www.reachperspective.com/ Her talent is tremendous.  She loves all things soft, fluffy and wonderful (things like dough, wool, and clay… basically the three best things in the world)

So, with a intensely strong need to cast on immediately, I began the promised and long sought after purple hat for my royal son.  

IMG_7878 IMG_7868 IMG_7875

(Don’t mind the smoothie face… strawberries, spinach, blueberries, yogurt and a cozy new hat… a grand way to start the day)

This is the slouchy hat from Harvesting Color, a tremendous library find a few years ago which I intend on purchasing someday!  I have already cast on one for myself.  I used Misty’s two-ply yarn doubled for the extra bulky recommended on the slouch section, and as a single strand for the brim.  This pattern is forgiving though, so it feels like most anything would work.  Nothing like a nice big needle project for instant gratification.  And believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  My current knitting to do list is long, the fireside is warm, and the yarn is a plenty.

feeling loomy

Something out of nothing.  Yet another piece of goose bump inducing advice from a sweet little children’s book borrowed from that giant bookshelf in the city.  I find that every third week (when I decide the trek is necessary and of course…to avoid those late fees) we manage to randomly grab a few utterly fantastic books.  In between games of tag through the isles (absolutely love those…) and scrambling to keep track of a fast crawling baby we somehow have a glimmer of success.  This past trip was highlighted with Joseph had a little overcoat.  This beautifully illustrated story tells the tale of a tattered coats journey from jacket to button being recycled mended and loved the whole way through.

I often find bits and pieces around the house that make for a new-old toy.  Or even a better, a new-old project such as our little looms.  A few weeks back I attended a weaving class and I was finally able to test out my memory of the events through a little over under over under lesson with my Miles.  A stitch holder as a shuttle, cardboard and some yarn are all the tools needed to complete this creation.  I had a little box with a photo of the late and great Mr. Marley I gave a few snips to to create the loom.  Not much instruction is needed just a lot of side by side guidance and modeling.  After a few rows my little smarty managed to get the hang of it for the most part.  And what a pleasant surprise to hear, “Mama my going to weave now.”  Music to my ears.  Oh yes, it seems I have a little fiber artist in the making.

a weaving diorama…. see? something out of nothing! 

feeling loomy